I have been a patient of Spine Care for almost a year and a half. After 13 surgeries at Shriners Hospital many years ago (actually many, many years ago), I developed arthritis in my left hip. I went to Dr. Blundy for a consultation and have been receiving treatments from him ever since. After a few visits with him, he recommended that I try the orthotic inserts. I was very hesitant and honestly skeptical, thinking “how could orthotic inserts help my hips and my walk?” I agreed to try them and to be honest, the first week or two I had already decided I did not like them. I found them to be “hard” and not very comfortable. I told Dr. Blundy I wasn’t very impressed because they weren’t comfortable. He assured me that I would get used to them and, of course, he was right – I did get used to wearing the inserts and I don’t like to go without them now. If Dr. Blundy or Dr. Odom recommends the orthotic inserts, trust their opinion – give yourself time to get adjusted to them and, like myself, I believe you will find that they help with your leg and/or hip pain.

Renee Lemere

“I was helped into the office because of vertigo, seizures and numbness and weakness on left side. I couldn’t hear out of left ear at all and left side actually would go numb and I would fall. I also would go into convulsions/seizure-like conditions. After ENTs, Neurologist, 10 admits to hospitals, MRI, CAT scans and pills galore, I was at wits end. They even went to say it was depression. My family doctor, Leanne Butts, recommended I go to a Chiropractor. My first thing I did was call Dr. Blundy. He seen me right away. I was helped in by a friend because I couldn’t control balancing, couldn’t drive, had been out of work since January, and was told to start papers for disability. I refused to accept this. Dr. Blundy got me to do some movements, balance procedures and then made evaluation. I left 1 1/2 hours later. I could hear out of my left ear that an ENT doctor had said, “you may have hearing loss-deal with it.” I could feel my left leg and feel my foot when it hit the floor. I could walk by myself. It took several visits to correct the balancing altogether, but with the good Lord’s healing and Dr. Blundy keeping everything lined up, I am back driving, walking, gardening, working 40+ hours and giving thanks to God and Dr. Blundy. It’s nice to know you have a praying Chiropractor too.
I am medicine free!”

B. Bryant

I went to a chiropractor and it didn’t go well. I told myself I would never go again. But a few weeks ago, I hurt so bad, I couldn’t sleep, sit or stand in one place. I just hurt. (I had to stand to fill out the paper work.) I was talking to a fellow worker who is currently seeing Dr. Blundy. He told me of his experience with Dr. Blundy. We went to his office and called to see if he could work me in and he missed his lunch to help me out. It wasn’t what I remembered from years ago. It gave me relief the first time. I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in weeks. This is my third week and I feel much better. I just thank God for the difference that Dr. Blundy has made in my life.

R. Harris

As I painfully, cautiously, and prayerfully walk through the door of Spine Care, I’m greeted with smiles and kindness. A much needed reassurance that things are going to be fine. I’m not as brave as I should be and thoughts of another place and time scare me. When I meet Vickie and Kay and Dr. Blundy my fears fade. I’m treated with care and professionalism (feeling less pain with every visit). My back pain was the reason for my visit which now seems to be non-existent and there is a plus! “My neck” which had bothered me for years is greatly improved. This experience has made me a believer in chiropractic medicine and Dr. Blundy. He has taught me that I too have a part in keeping healthy (lesson to remember).
I praise God for you and your staff.

Donna H.

Initially, I woke up one morning and couldn’t walk. The pain was intense!

I came into see Dr. Blundy and after testing and a MRI, I found I had 3 bulging disks.

Dr. Blundy recommended traction therapy and spinal adjustments. Now, over a year later, I am virtually pain free and working every day. As far as I am concerned, this choice beats surgery! My brother has had three operations on his back and still has many problems.

I will continue the therapy Dr. Blundy recommends.

T. Hughs

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Blundy and the entire staff at Spine Care. You will never know how much I appreciate everything that you have done for me and my family. You have helped me regain my strength to do what I need and want to do in my everyday life.

I can now do most of the activities that I was able to do before my back surgery. I can walk at a normal pace with little to no pain. I can sit for long periods of time without pain. I can bend over without having shooting pains down my back and leg. I can even stand on my tip toes which is something I could not do with help before this therapy. I feel like I am finally getting back to my self again. I can do most of the tasks that my job requires without asking for help all of the time. You have given me my independence back. You have given me part of my “normal” life back. Please know that I am very grateful for all of your support during this journey. My family would also like to express how much they appreciate your kindness and willingness to help during this experience.

Thank you so much,

R. Lee and Family

I helped to lift a critically injured dog that weighed over 100 pounds into my car to rush to the vet. The dog survived, but within 48 hours, I was immobilized by pain. My doctor prescribed medication and muscle relaxer and sent me home. After a week, I saw very little improvement. A friend had told me about Spine Care and I used the card she gave me to come in for an evaluation. Dr. Blundy’s evaluation uncovered many underlying factors which contributed to the severity of my injury.

From the very first treatment, I saw dramatic improvement! After 4 weeks actually feel better than I have in years! Even the chronic neck pain I had thought of as just part of getting older (I am 62) has almost completely gone away!

I’m so glad I took my friend’s suggestion. I don’t have insurance to cover chiropractic care, but the results I have experienced are worth every cent!

I. Manley

I began the New Year with lower back pain that was sharp and intense at times. I also had an older injury to my ankle that left me with difficulty walking at times. I have many friends who are patients of Dr. Blundy. After talking with him at a health fair, I too became a patent. I have been amazed at my progress. After each visit, my pain very quickly subsided, Most of my days are pain free now, and if I notice anything, it is truly insignificant. Quite different from when I first became a patient. Dr. Blundy is extremely knowledgeable and caring. His office staff are very caring as well. Each visit is such a relaxing treat to myself, and I always leave feeling relaxed and pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Blundy and the staff at Spine Care!

N. Taylor

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