Metabolic Weight Loss

There is a dizzying array of “quick fix” diet programs out there that promise miraculous results.

But if weight loss was easy, obesity wouldn’t be affecting most American adults. At Spine Care Chronic Conditions and Rehab Center in Seneca, SC, many of our patients have struggled to lose weight for a long time. They come to our office for help when they realize they need a structured, scientific approach. Because our metabolic weight loss approach is individually designed for each patient, it can work for anyone who is committed to living life healthier.

Weight Loss and Chiropractic: A Natural Pairing

You might think that chiropractors wouldn’t treat patients for weight loss difficulties. But nothing in the body is wholly isolated—weight and musculoskeletal health are closely intertwined. Every day, chiropractors see the effects of excess body weight on spinal health and overall health. Here’s a look at some of the intersections of weight and musculoskeletal/nervous system health.

Spinal health: It’s the job of the spine to support the body’s core and keep a person upright. Overweight and obesity, especially with substantial abdominal fat, strains the spine and its supporting structures.

Diabetes: Overweight and obesity are major causes of type 2 diabetes. Consequently, patients with diabetes are at a higher risk of peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage. This condition can cause nerve pain and muscle weakness, and it can contribute to a less active lifestyle.

Physical activity: It’s easier and more enjoyable to exercise when an individual is already physically fit. For individuals with obesity, getting in shape poses significant challenges, such as low endurance, shortness of breath, and unstable blood glucose levels.

Quick Facts About Your Metabolism

Everything you eat and drink is converted into energy for your body to use (or it is stored as fat for later use). This conversion process is known as metabolism, and everyone’s metabolism is unique to them. It may also fluctuate over time, which is why Spine Care Chronic Conditions and Rehab Center can help you put your metabolism to work for you to support a healthy weight.

How You Can Put Your Metabolism to Work

With the help of Dr. Blundy, you’ll get better acquainted with your metabolism. Metabolic testing involves establishing your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the number of calories your body needs to support itself while completely at rest. These calories are used to facilitate breathing, pump blood, and maintain brain function. When you know how many calories you need at rest, and you have a good idea of how many calories you burn exercising and doing everyday activities, then you’ll know how many calories you can consume each day to safely lose weight. With this information, Dr. Blundy—who has completed post-doctoral studies in Clinical Nutrition—can develop the ideal nutrition plan for you.

Spine Care Chronic Conditions and Rehab Center in Seneca, SC is on a mission to help our neighbors live life well through our metabolic weight loss services and pain relief treatments. Contact us today and let us know how Dr. Eric Blundy can help you.

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